We offer a wide variety of Training and Development designed to suit your needs.

We provide face-to-face lectures, workshops, tutorials, spreadsheet training or any combination of these. Our aim is to put the theory of a subject in the context of its practical application. Over the years our training workshops have been provided to all levels of practitioners involved in the real estate industry. We currently work extensively in the UK, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, on both public and in-house courses.

Examples of training topics delivered by i-analysis training ltd:

This list gives guidance to some of the topics in which we are considered expert. It is by no means comprehensive. Many of our courses are bespoke, and we welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your specific training needs in order to work together to plan and deliver your training.

  • Excel in a real estate context
  • REITs and Indirect Property vehicles
  • Real Estate as an asset class
  • Measuring Investment Returns
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Project equity
  • Joint Ventures
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Hotels
  • Valuation – all aspects
  • Financial mathematics
  • IRR & NPV Criteria
  • Structuring a DCF (workshop)
  • Development analysis
  • WACC & capital budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Property performance measurement and analysis
  • Development appraisal
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Analysis of bond and yield curves
  • Sensitivity analysis; scenarios and simulation
  • Gearing
  • Interest rate hedging techniques
  • Other key financial ratios

We are delighted to say that over 98% of delegates would recommend us to others.


What our current clients say:


“Mr Rodney is an Excel modeling wizard, thank you for a terrific seminar”
“The most informative and influential course for me both professionally and in terms of my own business aspirations”.
“Delighted with the quality of Excel spreadsheets provided”.
“Very informative and well delivered.”
“Good use of practical examples and their application.”
“Best seminar I have ever had.”
“They have a great style – easy to listen to and explain issues very well.”
“The work was very interesting and became quite challenging towards the end.”
“Covered a wide range of topics from basic to more advanced levels. I found this very useful”
“Highly relevant topics covered.”
“Presentations were excellent as was market knowledge.”
“Fantastic teachers regarding both intellectual and practical skills. Very charismatic and enthusiastic.”
“Bill was excellent – his broad background complemented those of the people on the course well. Enthusiastic and helpful throughout.”
“Very high level and skilled teachers.”
“They made difficult/technical issues interesting”
“Passionate about what they teach.”
“Excellent command of issues. Very good communicators.”
“Very enjoyable.”
“Theory backed up with “in the field”.”
“Examples make the theory more understandable and interesting.”
“Nice to see the use of simulators.”
“Almost perfect.”

We are sure that we can put together a training package that will suit you and your organisation. To discuss your training needs and to find out more about i-analysis training please email Lesley at